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AFL-CIO Unveils Plan To Grow but Some Union Leaders Underwhelmed

Steven Greenhouse The Guardian
In light of the youth-driven surge of union drives at Starbucks, Amazon, Apple and elsewhere, the AFL-CIO – the main US’s labor federation – is facing growing pressure to undertake a bolder effort to help today’s burst of unionizing expand far faster

The AFL - Path of Least Resistance? Response to Bill Fletcher & Jeff Crosby

Peter Olney portside
Our federation and its affiliates are not ready to confront the challenges of using our existing base in certain industries to grow in non-union sectors of those industries and linked industries. Those discussions and strategies require challenging the inertia of the status quo. They are difficult discussions that challenge the power and positions of our elected trade union leaders. The interplay of the old and the new is one of the keys for renaissance. . .


Labor Embraces the New America

Harold Meyerson The Washington Post
“We are a small part of the 150 million Americans who work for a living,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said in his keynote address Monday at the labor federation's convention in Los Angeles. “We cannot win economic justice only for ourselves, for union members alone. It would not be right and it’s not possible. All working people will rise together, or we will keep falling together.”

As The Curtain Rises in LA, The AFL-CIO Convention

Steve Early portside
In a more promising departure from past practice, the AFL-CIO has allocated time for daily convention “action sessions”—numbering about fifty in all. This smorgasbord of panel discussions tilts heavily toward political topics and seems designed to give the proceedings the trendy buzz of a Netroots Nation conference. Many of these workshops showcase the federation’s new or old ties with community-based labor support groups, immigrant workers centers, among others.


Labor Unions At Another Crossroad

Bill Fletcher, Jr
At the AFL-CIO annual convention next week community based organizations will be invited to attend and participate in the proceedings. This is a first and it is good news. However when the convention ends what is needed is not just good resolutions but a commitment to action.
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