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Manhattan Courtroom Destroys the Trump Mystique

Symone D. Sanders-Townsend MSNBC
Just as the Wizard of Oz tried desperately to distract Dorothy and her friends, Trump and his lawyers are trying hard to keep the public from looking at the man behind the curtain.

Alvin Bragg Keeps Winning in the Trump Hush Money Case

Norman Eisen, Andrew Weissmann and Joshua Kolb MSNBC
The delay in Bragg's hush money case against Donald Trump is a victory for democracy. It makes room in the schedule for perhaps the most important of the criminal cases against the former president: his federal election interference trial.

We Finally Know the Case Against Trump, and It Is Strong

Karen Friedman Agnifilo and Norman Eisen New York Times
There is nothing weak about Alvin Bragg's case against Donald Trump. Big cases involving powerful, high-profile individuals have been handled by the Manhattan DA for decades. That was proved most recently by the conviction of the Trump Organization

Detailed Chronology in Trump-Cohen Hush Money Investigation

Gretchen Knaut, Norman L. Eisen, McKenzie Carrier, Vicka Heidt, Greg Phea and Madison Gee Just Security
Former President Donald Trump was indicted today by a New York Grand Jury for criminal violations that may have occurred when Trump’s team paid two women to stay silent about alleged affairs with candidate Trump in 2016.

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