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Media Bits and Bytes - November 5, 2019

Political Ads on Social Media * Tech Workers vs ICE * Facial Recognition Lawsuit * NYT Normalizes Trump * Indian American Press Joins MSM * Feds Investigate TikTok * Cryptocurrency from Russia

As Climate Chaos Engulfs Indian Country, Feds Abandon Tribes

Saul Elbein Mongabay
Flooding in a downtown park on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The escalating climate crisis has caused the weather systems in Indian Country to swing wildly. And the tribes of the Plains — American citizens, like the Hurricane Maria-battered people of Puerto Rico — are being left to face the rising chaos alone.

Cowboy Indian Alliance and other Unlikely Environmental Alliances

By Zoltán Grossman Submitted to Portside
The Cowboy Indian Alliance may seem like an unprecedented type of environmental movement--multiracial, rooted in struggling rural communities, and often more effective in its grassroots organizing than traditional urban-based white upper/middle class environmental groups--but it is also part of a long, proud tradition that has been conveniently covered up in American history.
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