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This Week in People’s History, Jan 2 – 8

Theater balcony heavily damaged by fire Deadly Fire's Legacy (in 1904), Forgotten Respect for Radicals (1939), Big Money in Lies (1954), So Long, Subway Tokens (1994), Racism wins, then loses (1959), Innocent man freed after 22 years (1939), FBI Finds "Right Kind" of Black Leader (1964)

Lost Mural by Secret Communist Unearthed in Richmond Basement

Eli Wirtschafter KQED
The mural artist, Arnautoff, who at that time was a secret member of the Communist party, dropped subtle political messages into his mural. He depicts four dock workers on their (union-guaranteed) lunch break, discussing the news of the day.

Anti-Vietnam War Activists Comment on Burns’ Sentimental Lies About Vietnam

Lemisch; Gehan; Collins; McReynolds; Mirelowitz; Young Portside
The current PBS series on the war in Vietnam is stirring discussion throughout the country on the U.S. war in Vietnam; the longest war in Afghanistan; and now Donald Trump's threat to use nuclear weapons to annihilate the people of North Korea. Portside readers have responded to posts about the series in emails and posts on Facebook. Here are comments by Portside readers on the Burns and Novick series. Reposting by Portside is with permission of the writers.
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