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How Creative Writing Programs De-Politicized Fiction

Annie Levin Current Affairs
In the shadow of the Cold War, the rise of creative writing programs and ‘show don’t tell’ philosophy drained fiction of its political bite. Author Sandra Cisneros, writing about her college program said: How can art make a difference was never asked


Cynthia Atkins gargoyle, 74
Virginia-based Cynthia Atkins writes about some unexpected consequences of the world-wide brush with death.

The Batman’s Privilege Problem

Joe George The Progressive
A departure from the Caped Crusader’s elitism, the latest adaptation of the DC comic addresses class disparities in Gotham.


Lyuba Yakimchuk Apricots of Donbas
The award-winning Ukrainian poet Yakimchuk reveals the upheaval following the pro-Russian rebellion of 2014.