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Jessica Cohn Rattle
California poet Jessica Cohn touches the early days of shelter-in-place “when hope was/a shell game.”

Dorothy Day’s Radical Faith

Casey Cep The New Yorker
A new book charts the life and legacy of the writer and activist, cofounder of the radical Catholic Worker movement that aimed to aid the poor and whom some hope will be made a saint.

Erich Fromm’s Marxist Sociology Forty Years Later

Kieran Durkin Marxist Sociology Blog
Fromm was famous for this critique of consumer capitalism as well as for his penetrating studies of authoritarianism. He was a significantly influential figure on U.S. radical thought during the second half of the 20th Century.

The World’s Oldest Leavened Bread Is Rising Again

Theresa Machemer Smithsonian Magazine
This is the story behind the breads you might be baking in lockdown. Grace Z. Li in SF Weekly writes “Baking bread is cheap, it’s time-consuming, it’s indoors, it’s useful, and it’s as healthy as its add-ons will be."


Philip C. Kolin
2020, the year, the eyesight, the zeroes, so the Mississippi poet Philip Kolin greets the new decade, calling up the failures of Trumpism in his own words.