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Forced Migration and Detention Are the Real Immigration Crisis

David Bacon Jacobin
While Republicans cry “invasion” and Democrats placate them with hard-line border policy, immigrants languish in prisons or die in dangerous passage. A rational approach to immigration must both address the causes of displacement and protect those w

This Week in People’s History, Feb 13–19

Parliament asserts its power over the British monarchy in 1689
The Original Bill of Rights (in 1689), OSHA Comes of Age (1974), Shake, Rattle, and Roll (1954), A Win for Black Studies in Dixie (1969), FBI Frame-Up Falls Apart (1999), Compensation for Black Lung (1969), A Rare Espionage Act Acquittal (1919)

Do You Know How Tomatoes Taste?

Ethan Freedman Ambrook Research
Scientists are trying to bring flavor back to the tomatoes sold in grocery stores. But how should they taste, exactly?

In Europe, Platform Workers Are Winning Limited Protections

Ben Wray Jacobin
Across Europe, platform workers have won a series of court cases ruling that they are employees, not self-employed. Moves for new EU-wide legislation have faced serious resistance from lobbyists but now look set to deliver some new protections.