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Remembering the English Revolution

Daniel Johnson New Politics
A book not only for history buffs but for activists focuses on the Levellers in a history from the bottom-up that tells the story of a revolutionary mid-17th century British radical group that turned its world upside down.

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Ico Maly Diggit Magazine
This book argues, says reviewer Maly, that "the Googles and Facebooks of this world are shaping an antidemocratic world," using our data to produce "raw material in the production of predictive products that eliminate our freedom."

What We Did in the Resistance (Part 1)

Alison Luterman Rattle
California poet Alison Luterman moves the reader from the despair of the 2016 election to the longer passage “of empire and uprising,/ extinction and evolution….”

Extreme Cities

Chris Barsanti Rain Taxi
In this book, writes reviewer Barsanti, author Ashley Dawson sets out not just to prove how cities "are gravely threatened by climate change," but to also show how "capitalism and class feed into and even exacerbate that threat."

What does “local” mean? And is it really better?

Robyn Metcalfe New Food Economy
To understand the complex question of whether long or short food sup­ply chains are better for us and the environment, we need to settle on a way to measure distance
We consumers think that long distance travel for food must cost more, damage the food, require chemicals to extend shelf life, and consume fossil fuels that end up polluting our environment. But is this really true?