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You Can Shove Your Wars!

Nadya Williams CounterPunch
The play, which ran in San Francisco from May 9th to June 16th, had an all-male ensemble of 10 actors who portrayed the stories and sentiments of many of the soldiers in the much-lauded, 300-year-old Scots Highland Regiment known as “The Black Watch.” The script, by writer Gregory Burke, was faithfully based on his months of interviews – in, yes, pubs – with former Black Watch troops who had completed two tours of duty in Iraq (2003 & 2004) and one in Afghanistan (2009)

AFSCME and Michigan Working Families Respond to Detroit Bankruptcy Filing

Jackie Tortora AFL-CIO Now
Gov. Snyder’s plan to suspend democracy, drive one of America’s largest cities into bankruptcy and deprive workers of their hard-earned retirement security, moved dangerously closer to reality today when without a single negotiation with unions, workers or retirees, Snyder authorized Detroit’s financial manager to file for bankruptcy.

Money Rules

United Steelworkers (USW) President Leo Gerard Huffington Post

The Most Injurious Job in America

Mike Elk Working In These Times
A new report put out by Public Citizen found that in 2010, healthcare workers (including hospital staff) reported 653,900 workplace injuries and illnesses. That’s approximately 152,000 more (a 432 percent higher rate) than the industry with the second highest number of injuries—manufacturing—even though the healthcare sector is only 134 percent larger than the manufacturing sector.

We're Taxing the Rich... and So Can You

Fred Glass Labor Notes
Despite the odds, competing measures, and conventional wisdom that says voters will not approve tax hikes, unions and community groups built a successful campaign to pass a tax hike for California's richest residents.