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The Perfectionist Tradition

William P. Jones Dissent
The African American perfectionists offered “faith” instead of “hope”—emphasizing the struggle to realize a vision of justice rather than passive assurance that it would prevail.

How a Man Helped Close a Loophole in Illinois’ Slavery Law

Sydney Stallworth, Brad Wynn
"Pete" was one of many slaves considered property of the Jarrot family in Cahokia Heights. He sued for his freedom, and the lawsuit closed Illinois' slavery loophole. Pete's lawyer, Lyman Trumbull, went on to shape the 13th Amendment.

How Israel Turned a Teacher Into a Traitor

Oren Ziv 972 Magazine
Social media posts about Oct. 7 got him fired, arrested, and thrown in jail. Now, Meir Baruchin faces a fight to return to a school that wants him gone.

$1 Million Verdict in Defamation Trial

Diane Bernard and Adam M. Lowenstein DeSmog
Victory over climate deniers sends a strong message in defense of climate science and scientists.

America Is Not a Democracy

David Dayen American Prospect
The movement to save democracy from threats is too quick to overlook the problems that have been present since the founding.