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Imagining a World With No Bullshit Jobs

David Graeber, Chris Brooks Roar Magazine
In this interview about his latest book, David Graeber discusses the role of unions, the challenges posed by automation and “the revolt of the caring classes.”

Why Trade Unions Should Fund Automation

Fully Automated Luxury Communism Newsletter Fully Automated Luxury Communism Newsletter
This week I am going to talk about trade unions and automation, and why we should put the labour movements money into shaping automation for our use.


Human Bus Drivers Will Always Be Better Than Robot Bus Drivers

Tracey Lindeman Motherboard
“We have regular emergencies on the buses,” said John Samuelsen, president of the Transport Workers Union. “Folks have heart attacks on buses, children get lost on buses. Every aspect of life in America, the bus and subway are microcosms of it. A robot’s not going to help."

The Future of Work, a History

Kevin Baker Politico
America has a long, complicated track record of dreading that robots would take our jobs.


The Gender Gap in a Post-Automation World

Heidi Liu Onlabor
Drawing from research in labor and economic history, this post evaluates the validity of each of these claims; overall, while it’s likely that automation will benefit socially aware individuals, it’s less likely to reduce the gender gap in employment.
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