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The White Left Needs to Embrace Black Leadership

Barbara Ransby The Nation
While protesters hold up the simple message “Black Lives Matter,” organizers in the Movement for Black Lives make clear that this fight is as much about ending racial capitalism as it is anything else.

Reflections on the Sanders Campaign so Far

Sam Lewis Organizing Upgrade
Socialism is no longer marginal due to Bernie's campaigns. But his support has been insufficient to win. Key now will be to back the eventual Democratic nominee but still oppose neo-liberalism in its Republican and Democratic guise.

Bernie Sanders: The Democrats Dilemma

Peter Olney and Rand Wilson The Stansbury Forum
This is a not an election to allow self-righteous ideological purity to obfuscate the need for a huge political uprising to block Trump from securing a potentially disastrous second term.


Standing with Workers Against 'Corporate Greed,' Bernie Joins Verizon Picket Line

Lauren McCauley Common Dreams
On the same day that Bernie Sanders walked the picket line with CWA and IBEW unionists on strike against Verizon, he gained the endorsement on New York's Transit Workers Union. TWU Local 100 president John Samuelsen said, "Bernie Sanders has been fighting against the 'powers that be' in this country on behalf of all American workers his entire life."

Two Guys From Brooklyn: The Bernie Sanders Interview by Spike Lee

THR Staff The Hollywood Reporter
Spike Lee and the senator from Vermont he supports for president — both of whom hail from Brooklyn — meet for the first time to talk free education, guns, a certain "demagogue" and Obama's legacy on the eve of the crucial New York primary.

A Real ‘Political Revolution’ Would End the Wars

Peter Certo Foreign Policy in Focus
The good news is Bernie Sanders sent promising signals about his judgment when he opposed the invasion of Iraq; the bad news is his statements on the latest iteration of the conflict have shown none of the acumen that distinguished him over 13 years ago. Without a plan to resolve the ISIS war responsibly, the U.S. war in Iraq could reverberate through yet another generation. If Sanders were elected, that would add a grim asterisk to his “political revolution” indeed.

New 2015 Wealth Data: US Inequality at Its Ugliest

Paul Buchheit Buzzflash at Truthout
Bernie Sanders showed his outrage about inequality at the Democratic Debate, and more and more Americans are understanding his message. Indignation is likely to grow with new data from the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook, which reveals the wealthy elite's continuing disdain for the poor, for the middle class, and for people all around the world.

Remarks by Senator Sanders at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Bernie Sanders
Sanders calls on the nation to ". . . simultaneously address the structural and institutional racism which exists in this country, while at the same time we vigorously attack the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality which is making the very rich much richer while everyone else – especially the African-American community and working-class whites – are becoming poorer."


UE General Executive Board Statement on Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign

UE General Executive Board United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America
Sanders has been a strong voice encouraging workers to build unions, opposing excessive corporate power and economic inequality; and for measures to curb climate change, notes the UE General Executive Board in a statement urging its members and locals to consider participating in his campaign. The statement also urged Sanders his to offers a stronger critique of US interventionist foreign policy.

Tidbits - April 9, 2014

Reader Comments - NLRB and UAW-Volkswagen; Supreme Court and McCutcheon decision; Full employement, jobs, trade, economic policy; Sports, gender and homophobia; NASA study and climate change; Portside discussion - Bernie Sanders for President (Jack Kurzweil); Announcements: Canadian Ecosocialist Ian Angus speaking in Oakland - April 25th
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