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Capital, Crisis, and Corbyn

Michael Roberts Jacobin
The results of the UK election are a disaster for the British ruling class. The UK economy is set to enter a period of stagnation at best. The OECD’s economists are already forecasting that the UK economy will slow down to just 1% next year as Brexit bites.

Democratize This

Michal Rozworski Jacobin
Labour’s plans to pursue democratic models of ownership are the most radical aspect of Corbyn’s program.

Jeremy Corbyn's Church House Speech

Jeremy Corbyn Morning Star
The establishment complains I don’t play the rules: by which they mean their rules. We can’t win, they say, because we don’t play their game. We don’t accept that it is natural for Britain to be governed by a ruling elite, that the people just have to take what they’re given. And in a sense, the establishment is right. I don’t play by their rules. And if a Labour Government is elected on 8 June, we still then we won’t play by their rules either.


Where Do We Go Now?

Keith Ewing The People's Daily Morning Star
In the bleak political landscape following the British elections, trade unionism faces a huge challenge -- a challenge of leadership, a challenge of purpose and a challenge of survival. We need a new, clear vision to lead the movement not for the next five years but for the next generation — a vision that questions organisational activity, as well as industrial and political strategies.
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