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Neoliberalism’s Children Rise Up to Demand Justice in Chile and the World

Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J S Davies Common Dreams
It is entirely fitting that Chile should be in the vanguard of protests in this Autumn of Discontent, since Chile served as the laboratory for the neoliberal transformation of economics and politics that has swept the world since the 1970's.

Fire and Fury in the Chilean “Oasis”

Noam Titelman Nacla
On October 7 a group of middle school students organized a massive fare evasion at the Santiago metro to protest a price increase. Over the next five days it sparked an uprising, a widespread fury unprecedented in contemporary Chilean history.

Absolutamente Quilapayun

Note from Holly Near: Put out recently by Quilapayun, a Chilean ensemble that lived in exile after the military coup, this youtube shows footage from the 70s as well as honors the young people who are building a strong student movement today to protest the right wing government recently elected in Chile following the progressive leadership of President Michelle Bachelet. I had an opportunity to work with Quilapayun in the seventies and eighties and again when I went to Chile a few years ago. We sang at a men's prison in the northern part of the country.

Hundreds of Thousands March for 'Free Education' in Chile

Jon Queally Common Dreams
The Chilean student movement roared back to life on Thursday, with organizers and media outlets reporting that hundreds of thousands of people joined students in the nation's streets calling for a free and quality education for all.
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