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Friday Nite Videos | May 12, 2017

Elizabeth Warren: Trump Fires the Investigators. John Lee Hooker - Serves Me Right to Suffer. John Oliver | Net Neutrality II. Mother's Day for Peace. Stephen Colbert Reacts to Trump Calling Him 'A No-Talent Guy'.

Friday Nite Videos | March 24, 2017

Bernie Sanders: We Beat Right-Wing Extremists Today. Inverted Beethoven. This Is Your Brain on Terrorism. Downbound Train | Chuck Berry. Grassroots Protest Set the Stage for ACHA's Defeat.

My President Was Black

Coates talks about his new cover story for The Atlantic, based on interviews with President Obama, which reconsiders Obama's legacy after the election of Donald Trump.

Michael Moore: Get Out and Protest

The filmmaker says the demonstrations that have broken out in the wake of Donald Trump's victory are only going to get bigger. 

The Trump Electoral Drag

Sabrina Siddiqui and Hari Sevugan join Chris Hayes to discuss how Donald Trump may turn red states blue as well as hand the U.S. Senate over to Democrats. 

Hospital Bombing: 'A War Crime'

Chris Hayes talks to Jason Cone, executive director of Doctors Without Borders, about the need for an independent investigation of the hospital air strike in Afghanistan that killed 22 people.

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