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How Big Business Got Brazil Hooked on Junk Food

Andrew Jacobs, Matt Richtel New York Times
As growth slows in wealthy countries, Western food companies are aggressively expanding in developing nations, contributing to obesity and health problems.

Autism’s Race Problem: Bias in Research, Diagnosis and Treatment

Carrie Arnold Pacific Standard
For years, the medical community has treated autism as if it was a “white person’s” disease. Research and therapy have been geared toward affluent, white people and families, creating serious racial and ethnic disparities in all areas of autism. The autism community has made tremendous strides in educating the general public about neurodiversity and the ways different brains work. It needs to make a similar effort to embrace the racial diversity of people with autism.

Toxic Teflon Chemical, C8, Found in Tap Water in Several States

Sharon Kelly Earth Island Journal
"It is clear that [C8] contamination is not a state problem or a regional problem," the governors of New York, Vermont and New Hampshire wrote in a March letter addressed to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, "it's a national problem that requires federal guidelines and a consistent, science-based approach."

The Problem of Crime Is Really a Community Health Issue

Nico Pitney Huffington Post
A Jesuit priest, "Father G" leads Los Angeles' renowned Homeboy Industries, which offers extensive services and a supportive community to the formerly incarcerated and gang-involved. In an interview with HuffPost, Father Boyle shares lessons he's learned about hope, the problem of "crime" and building community.
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