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A classic Paddy Chayevsky film starring Faye Dunaway and William Holden about a the role of the media in the corrupt system by which the very rich screw the middle class and poor. Now in a theater version with Bryan Cranston.

NAACP Bombing Shows Failure of Mainstream Media

Ben Branstetter The Daily Dot
Even with the world's attention focused on the tragic events in Paris, the failure of the mainstream media to cover the bombing of the NAACP office in Colorado Springs is nonetheless a glaring example of the U.S. media's treatment of social movements. Colorado Springs residents had to learn of the NAACP bombing through social media. The complete lack of coverage of the NAACP attack shows the mainstream media is ready to move past the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

Newsflash: Fukushima Is Still a Disaster

Harvey Wasserman Truthdig
While the American reactor industry continues to suck billions of dollars from the public treasury, its allies in the corporate media seem increasingly hesitant to cover the news of post-Fukushima Japan.
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