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Global Left Midweek - March 27, 2019

EU for the many, Fixing Brexit, Venezuela stands firm, Brazil's unions, Canadian students on climate strike, Cuba to the rescue, Kerala elections, Fury in Costa Rica

Make America More Like New Zealand, Costa Rica and Ethiopia

Stephen Kinzer The Boston Globe
“A country where our environment is protected, where we look after the most vulnerable, where we support our families, where we make sure people have the most basic of needs, like a roof over their head.”

Costa Rican Lawyer Roberto Zamorra Crusades for the Right to Peace

Medea Benjamin Nation of Change - News Report
Luis Roberto Zamorra Bolaños was just a law student when he challenged the legality of his government’s support for George Bush’s invasion of Iraq. He took the case all the way up to the Costa Rican Supreme Court—and won.
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