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The Surveillance State Can’t Solve White Supremacy

Azadeh Shahshahani, Fatema Ahmad The Progressive Magazine
After the January 6 attack, federal surveillance programs expanded to counter white supremacist violence have made Black and brown communities their main target.

Can We Demilitarize U.S. Policy in Africa?

Elizabeth Schmidt, William Minter Responsible Statecraft
The House passed a bill that sounds good, but doesn’t end Washington's failed, militarized approach or get to root problems.

U.S. ‘Counterterrorism’ in Africa Has Failed. What’s the Alternative?

By William Minter, Elizabeth Schmidt Responsible Statecraft.
Western counterterrorism policy in the Sahel has failed, being both over-militarized and ineffective. All suggest, in slightly varying language, that policy must be “rebalanced” or “rethought” to emphasize diplomacy and good governance.

Pompeo Escalates “Counterterrorism” Abuse on His Way Out

Paul Pillar Responsible Statecraft
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at President Trump’s announcement last October that Sudan will normalize relations with Israel. Counterterrorism tools have been misused for decades, but no administration has abused them more than Trump’s. Last week outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo used the Foreign Terrorist Organizations list to attack Cuba, Iran, and Yemen’s Houthis.
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