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In Memoriam: Dr.Howard Croft 1941 - 2020

Washington Socialist
An activist in multiple arenas, Howard Croft's impact in the struggle for DC statehood, for peace, racial justice, workers rights, can only begin to be captured by the multiple voices of those he touched and engaged through the years.

Why D.C. Statehood Is a Reproductive Justice Issue

Shireen Rose Shakouri Rewire
Inseparable from the struggle for reproductive justice and individual bodily autonomy is Washington DC's fight for the rights held by other citizens of this country: to hold our elected officials accountable for delivering the resources we need to foster safe and healthy communities.

Colonialism’s Legacy: Neglect in Puerto Rico, Suffocation in DC

Bill Mosley The Washington Socialist
By now the botched, indifferent response of the Trump administration to Hurricane Maria’s devastation in Puerto Rico has been well-documented. Puerto Ricans, however, are not the only US citizens whose lack of democratic rights has affected its quality of life, and for the worse. The same can be said for the residents of Washington, DC, the nation’s capital.
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