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“The Billionaires Are Nervous. And They Should Be Nervous.”

An Interview by Oren Schweitzer Jacobin
In an interview, Alexa Aviles discusses her history of education organizing, recent billionaire-funded scaremongering attacks against her, and why she’s running for City Council from South Brooklyn as part of a citywide socialist slate.

Talking Socialism | Catching up with AOC

Don McIntosh Democratic Left
You cannot say nothing will change. We can make the argument that not enough is changing fast enough. These are not nitpicking questions, because this is how the language we use communicates to individuals who is included, who you consider a person.

On the Trail With Bernie Sanders 2.0

Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone
Can the Vermont senator win over Trump voters and harness his grassroots army to transform the Democratic Party?

A Summary of Democratic Socialists of America's Strategy Document

DSA Democratic Socialists of America
For the foreseeable future our primary focus will be on building a vibrant, independent democratic socialist movement and helping to cultivate progressive coalitions capable of wielding political power at all levels. But we should never lose sight of the democratic socialist vision that serves as the guiding thread tying together the many struggles for freedom and equality in which we are constantly engaged, day in, day out.

Portside Readers Respond - Whither the Socialist Left -- 2

Duncan McFarland; Ethan Young Portside
Portside previously ran Mark Solomon's piece, Whither the Socialist Left - 2. Portside previously posted some of the comments received in Tidbits. Here are two, longer and more in depth responses by Duncan McFarland and Ethan Young. Portside welcomes additional reader responses, and will help further facilitate this discussion.
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