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Global Left Midweek - December 19, 2018

Budapest Fills the Streets, Disability Rights in NZ, Belgian Workers Party, Uruguay's Ex-President Reflects, NGOs and Women's Rights in Africa, Québec Solidaire On the Move

To Survive the Trumpocalypse, We Need Wild Disability Justice Dreams

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha Truthout
graphic of disabled people Sick and disabled and neurodivergent folks aren’t supposed to dream, especially if we are queer and Black or Brown — we’re just supposed to be grateful the “normals” let us live. But I am the product of some wild disabled Black and Brown queer revolutionary dreaming,

Aging in California: Shattered Dreams, Broken Care Systems

Jim Crogan Capital and Main
This is one of a series of articles published by Capital and Main focusing on the systemic dysfunction that plagues the care services provided to the elderly and disabled in California, with a focus on the current battle over funding In-Home Supportive Services.

Media Bits & Bytes - New Stuff edition

Toddlers and Tablets; Rebooting Internet Governance; 60 Minutes Disabuses the Disabled; Glenn Greenwald breaking bad; New Ventures in Journalism; Infographic - New TV Media Giants
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