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Please Eat in the Library

Mackenzie Filson Taste Magazine
Increasingly, libraries offer more than just a place to take a break between using fast and free internet and researching ancient Martian glaciers. They’re stocked with cafés and wine bars (yes, really!) that encourage lingering with a culinary experience all their own.


A Behavioral Scientist Talks Food Psychology and the Myth of Willpower

Interview with behavioral scientist Dr. Brian Wansink, author of Mindless Eating (2006) and Slim by Design (2014) and founder of the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University. The Food and Brand Lab was started in 1997 at the University of Illinois (before moving to Cornell in 2005), to explore how humans relate to food with the end goal of uncovering solutions to improve eating environments and help individuals eat better. Wansink analyzes why we eat what we eat.
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