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Can We Learn From Cuba’s Sustainable Revolution?

Elias Ferrer Breda Forbes
Being forced to live with scarce quantities of fossil fuels, it has pioneered different forms of energy saving and alternative energy production. In the last two decades, Cuba has made important achievements in building a more sustainable society

Friday Nite Videos | August 19, 2022

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What They Don’t Say About Cuba

Rosa Miriam Elizalde People's Dispatch
Misinformation, fraud, and manipulation try to turn scenarios created in American laboratories into social unrest. Many things are not said about Cuba but without a doubt this one is crucial.


A Rush of Americans, Seeking Gold in Cuban Soil

Kim Severson The New York Times
American bureaucrats, seed sellers, food company executives and farmers seek the prizes that are likely to come if the United States ends its trade restrictions against Cuba.

The Critical Choices Facing Cuba Today

Paul Becker Portside
Among the accomplishments of the Cuban revolution have been the great strides made in the education of its entire people. Education is completely free from primary school through university. Cuba today has a literacy rate of over 96 percent, putting it at the top of all Latin America. But the struggling economy has not created the kind of economic opportunity that is commensurate with an educated population, particularly in the professions.

Brother Obama - Message from Fidel

Fidel Castro Ruz Granma (Cuba)
We don’t need the empire to give us anything. Our efforts will be legal and peaceful, because our commitment is to peace and fraternity among all human beings who live on this planet.
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