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Inside the Evangelical Money Flowing Into the West Bank

Judy Maltz Haaretz
A Haaretz investigation reveals that Christian groups have invested up to $65 million in projects in the ‘Biblical Heartland’ over the past decade. That doesn’t include services they provide free of charge, like volunteer laborers

The Soul-Crushing Legacy of Billy Graham

Bob Moser Rolling Stone
"I would torment myself for another 20 years trying to 'reform,' never quite able to shake the voice of Billy Graham promising me eternal damnation"

The Death of Christianity in the U.S.

Miguel de la Torre Baptist News Global
As a young man, I walked down the sawdust aisle at a Southern Baptist church and gave my heart to Jesus. But I can no longer allow my name to be tarnished by that political party masquerading as Christian.

The Missionary Movement to ‘Save’ Black Babies

Akiba Solomon ColorLines
Fueled by a race-baiting, national marketing campaign and the missionary-like evangelism of its affiliates, Care Net has turned the complex reality behind black abortion rates into a single, fictional story: poor black women who have abortions are the unwitting victims of feminists and morally deficient reproductive healthcare providers, embodied in sadists such as Gosnell. Crisis pregnancy centers, in this fable, are the best place those women can go to be saved.
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