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Whither Farmers’ Struggles in India?

Achin Vanaik The Bullet
The ongoing struggle of farmers in India is the most significant mass mobilization in decades and represents the biggest challenge to the government of Narendra Modi since it first came to power in 2014.

Building Communities of Solidarity

Fernando E. Gapasin, Bill Fletcher Jr. and Bill Gallegos Monthly Review
Veteran labor organizer Fernando Gapasin is interviewed by Bill Fletcher, Jr. and Bill Gallegos. "I dedicated myself to ending racism and building worker power by building democratic working-class organizations from the bottom up."

Farmworkers Need Families, Not Deportation and Exploitation

David Bacon and Anuradha Mittal Reality Check
High-wages and secure jobs for farmworkers can only come by discarding the old deportation/guestworker model, and instead supporting families with legalization, family-based visas, and unions and labor rights.

An Extraordinary Summer of Crises for California’s Farmworkers

Alejandra Borunda National Geographic
Farm workers harvest peppers near Gilroy, California. The “essential workers” picking our food are facing fires, heat waves, and the pandemic, all at once. California’s farmworkers, many undocumented, and many without a choice, have been working through a summer of increasingly brutal conditions.
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