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To Fight Inflation, the Fed Is Declaring a War on Workers

Julia Rock Jacobin
Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell plans to address sky-high inflation by hiking interest rates — acknowledging that doing so will suppress wages and worker power. It's a response that will force workers to bear the brunt of the inflation crisis.

Meet BlackRock, the New Great Vampire Squid

Ellen Brown The Unz Review
No private, unelected entity should have the power over the economy that BlackRock has, without a legally enforceable fiduciary duty to wield it in the public interest.

The Fed Protects Gamblers at the Expense of the Economy

Ellen Brown Truthdig
from of Federal Reserve building The repo market is a fragile house of cards waiting for a strong wind to blow it down, propped up by misguided monetary policies that have forced central banks to underwrite its highly risky ventures.
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