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Organizing the South: We Look Back To Move Ahead

Ben Wilkins Convergence
Taken together, the history, economy & ruling ideology of the US South make it difficult to build workers’ power. But armed with the lessons from the CIO’s Operation Dixie, & fueled by the momentum of recent victories, organizers see a way forward.

$15, Take a Bow. $20 in Our Sights!

Gabrielle Gurley The American Prospect
Workers are celebrating minimum-wage increases around the country, but the new frontier is already creeping toward $20.

This Week in People’s History, July 25 – 31

NAACP demonstration Alabama tries to ban the NAACP in 1956. Freedom Summer under the gun in 1964. Cigarette health warning in 1965. Protesters killed in DC in 1932. "Fight for 15" in 2013. Federal health insurance for some in 1965. Black Power in 1966.

Friday Nite Videos | January 6, 2023

The Case for a $20/Hour Minimum Wage. The Beat, It Travels: Reggaeton. Boebert and Hannity Clash, Republicans Turn On Trump. How Physicists Created a Holographic Wormhole. What New Zealand Can Teach Us About Reparations.

The Case for a $20/Hour Minimum Wage

Workers say the $15 minimum wage is now unlivable. NY State Senator Jessica Ramos is leading a bill to raise the minimum wage to $20/hour and index it to inflation.

These Southern Workers Are Organizing – And Speaking Up

Taiwanna Milligan Facing South
"The Saturday we went on strike was a powerful day. I felt like we were standing up for ourselves and for all the other underpaid, unappreciated workers who needed a change. I knew that my voice was going to make a difference."


California Fast Food Workers Demand a Seat at the Table

Crown protested with raised fists and signs A bill - BA 257 - aimed to create a fast food sector council to set minimum industry standards on wages, working hours, health and safety and other working conditions - is expected to come before the senate appropriations committee on August 11.
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