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Friday Nite Videos -- July 1, 2016

A Special Fourth of July Message About Patriotism. More Torture Talk From Donald Trump. Homeless Man Joins Busker for Spontaneous Street Jam. Jesse Williams' Fiery BET Awards Speech. Jessica Williams Questions Sanders-to-Trump Supporters.

Friday Nite Videos -- July 3, 2015

Feeling the Bern in Madison, Wisconsin. Documentary: Amy. Slandero Gigante. Bree Newsome Exclusive Interview. The Chemistry of Fireworks.

The Chemistry of Fireworks

From the sizzle of the fuse to the boom and burst of colors, all of the exciting sights and sounds of Fourth of July fireworks. How familiar rockets that light up the night sky represent chemistry in action.

Friday Nite Videos -- Fourth of July, 2015

Which America should we recall on the Fourth of July? The "all men are created equal" of the Declaration of Independence or the gross inequalities by race, class and gender, the crying disparities of wealth, voice and security in real life? Both. Because the lofty declaration is more than a platitude and a snare; it has also always been a goal and a call to strive "to finish the work we are in." Lefty alternatives for the Fourth: songs, thoughts, a little inspiration.

James Earl Jones Reads Frederick Douglass

James Earl Jones (introduced by Howard Zinn) reads excerpts from anti-slavery crusader Frederick Douglass' speech, 'The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro' (July 5, 1852).
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