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Erie Locomotive Workers Avert Strike with New Contract at Wabtec

Saurav Sarkar Labor Notes
In a qualified victory, 1,700 UE members conceded a two-tier wage structure with a 10-year progression for new hires to reach parity with current workers, but beat back the company’s demands for a harsher version of two-tier and other concessions.


Inside the Dismantling of GE

Matt Egan CNN:Money
Starved for cash, an iconic American company takes apart the legacy it spent a century building.

GE’s Switch

Stephen Maher Jacobin
Jeff Immelt’s resignation as CEO of General Electric shows that we cannot think of industry as finance’s opponent.

Lawmaker Says GE Told Him to Lie to Obscure Layoffs and Protect Subsidies

James Woods U.S.Uncut
Rep. Scott Allen Statement on the closing of GE Waukesha. Disappointment was my first reaction of the news about GE shutting down its engine manufacturing functions at the Waukesha Power and Water facility. In a press release, and substantiated by my conversation with GE corporate spokesperson, Patrick Theisen, this afternoon, GE wishes to blame the problem on the House of Representatives and that body's failure to act on the U.S. Export Import Bank.


Bernie, GE & Uber

Bernie Sanders wins backing of South Carolina AFL-CIO EBoard; Negotiations with General Electric continues with GE demanding concessions from workers; A judge rules that an Uber driver is an Uber employee, not a freelancer!
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