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Apartheid by Another Name

Laura Burocco Il Manifesto Global
The fire in a Johannesburg building killing 73 people is the result of decades of disastrous housing policies and the criminalization of poverty in South Africa.

Returning to Laurel

Jonathan Odell The Progressive
A feel-good HGTV show sweeps a Southern town’s racist past, and gentrified present, under the rug.

Academic Heavyweights to Naysayers: Rent Control Works

Patrick Range McDonald Housing is a Human Right
“While other proposed remedies to the housing crisis may take years before they impact housing costs, only expanding rent control can offer immediate relief to millions of people in danger of being forced from their homes.”

Coming Home: Jeanette Lazam Returns to the I-Hotel

Estella Habal and Hilton Obenzinger Organizing Upgrade
The I-Hotel struggle helped to forge a unified Filipino community linking elderly immigrants from the early twentieth century and young people who were raising their consciousness of ethnic pride and their awareness of racial and class inequities.
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