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Not a Matter of If, But When

Shawn Hattingh Monthly Review
The danger derives from the reactions of the ruling classes and their states to the crisis of 2008. The paths they chose to follow to save and even further their own wealth in the aftermath of the 2008 crisis have paved the way for a future crash that could dwarf the one of a decade ago.

Fighting for Gender Equality on International Women’s Day – and Beyond

Chidi King Equal Times
Today’s International Women's Day mobilisations echo back to the civil rights movement, the anti-Vietnam war protests, the uprisings against colonial powers, and the more recent uprisings across Africa’s north and the Middle East. Often missing from the history books, women were also in the forefront of these movements.

Measuring Global Inequality

Michael D. Yates Monthly Review
The response to growing economic inequality must start with mass resistance within every country and maximum solidarity among all workers and peasants, in rich and poor countries alike. The details of such struggles have to be worked out in each place. The key is solidarity among all workers and peasants, within and between the states of the world.


Susan Watkins The New Left Review
After years of economic crisis and social protest, the cartel parties of the extreme centre now face a challenge to their dominance from outside-left forces in a number of Western countries. Contours of the emergent left oppositions, their platforms and figureheads, from Tsipras to Corbyn, Sanders to Mélenchon, Grillo to Iglesias.

The New Global Financial Cold War

Michael Hudson / Bonnie Faulkner CounterPunch
The world is being split into two halves: the U.S. dollar orbit, and countries that the U.S. cannot control and whose officials are not on the U.S. payroll, so to speak.

Tidbits - August 27, 2015 - Straight Outta Compton; Bernie Sanders and Labor; China's Currency Devaluation; Leonard Peltier; Herman Benson; and more....

Reader Comments: Straight Outta Compton; Bernie Sanders and Labor; GOP Racism & Immigration; China's Currency Devaluation; Artic Oil Drilling; NLRB and Faster Union Elections; Amnesty and the Sex Trade; Announcements: Film: Warrior, the Life of Leonard Peltier - New York - September 12; 60 Years of Rebels and Reformers - New York - October 3

The Impenetrable World of Mark Flores

Jim Morris Public Integrity
New investigative reports from two prominent nonprofit news organizations and the International Campaign for Responsible Technology ICRT link the legacy of harm to electronics workers and communities in Silicon Valley to continuing harm to electronics workers globally, particularly in South Korea, Vietnam, and China. Two feature stories from this hard-hitting new series tell this compelling story and underscore urgency to create safe, sustainable electronics industry.

Turkey's AKP Doomed by Poverty, Growing Inequality and Its War on Trade Unions

Conn M. Hallinan Dispatches From The Edge
Backdrop to Turkey's elections: Turkish workers have seen their unions dismantled under the AKP government, and many have lost collective bargaining rights. The percentage of unionized workers fell from 57.5 in 2003 to just 9.68 percent today. The Syrian war is not popular with the average Turk. The Army opposes any involvement in Syria, because it sees nothing ahead but a quagmire that would ally Turkey with the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front.

Putin Signs Law on Ratification of $100 Billion BRICS New Development Bank Deal

RT RT Television
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law ratifying the deal establishing the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB). It's hoped the new bank will stamp the growing influence of the BRICS. The NDB is expected to become one of the world's key institutions. The money will be used to finance development projects in the emerging economies.
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