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Global Left Midweek - Perspectives on Health Crisis

How Covid-19 Affects Capitalism, How We Cope, and How We Can Respond

Photograph: Peo Quick/Alamy
  1. The System's New Vulnerabilities
  2. Debt Meltdown
  3. The Global Epidemic
  4. Global Economy in Free Fall
  5. China
  6. Cuba and Venezuela
  7. Europe
  8. Italy
  9. France
  10. Racist Backlash in Italy and UK
  11. De-Globalization?
  12. Focus on the Most Vulnerable
  13. Momentum (UK) Mobilizes
  14. Democratic Biopolitics

Covid-19 and Capitalism

Capitalism's New Vulnerabilities  C. P. Chandrasekhar / IDEAs (New Delhi)

Debt Meltdown  Jayati Ghosh / Project Syndicate (Prague)

The Global Epidemic  Alfonso Gianni / Il Manifesto Global (Rome)

Global Economy in Free Fall  Neville Spencer / Green Left (Sydney)


China  Chuang

Cuba and Venezuela  Frederick B. Mills / Council on Hemispheric Affairs (Washington DC)

Europe   Roberto Musacchio / transform! Europe (Brussels)

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Italy  DINAMOpress (Rome)

France  Caroline Coq-Chodorge / Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières (Paris)

Racist Backlash in Italy and UK  Brad Evans / The Independent (London)

How to Respond

De-Globalization?  Sam Gindin / Socialist Project (Toronto)

Focus on the Most Vulnerable  Karl Nerenberg / Rabble (Toronto)

Momentum (UK) Mobilizes  Elliot Chappell / LabourList (London)

Democratic Biopolitics  Panagiotis Sotiris / The future lasts a long time (Athens)