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Friday Nite Videos | January 26, 2024

The Verdict Is In: Trump Must Pay $$$. Animation: Trump Asserts Absolute Immunity. UAW Endorses President Biden. Origin | Movie. Have You Been to Jail for Justice? | Song.

When American Small Towns Loved Socialism

Noah Van Sciver, Paul Buhle, Steve Max, Dave Nance Yes Magazine
A graphic biography about Eugene V. Debs, folk hero and presidential candidate, reminds us of a time when support for socialism was strong in places like Kansas, Oklahoma, and Ohio.


New Graphic Novel Explores What It’s Really Like To Be A Palestinian Refugee

Beenish Ahmed Think Progress
First-time author Leila Abdelrazaq has produced a work that, in the words of reviewer Beenish Ahmed, "provides a human face to the often overlooked experiences of refugees." Rendered in the form of a graphic novel, it is a unique visual and literary testament, and a special glimpse into the world of those who have been displace by conflict from their homes and from their familiar worlds.
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