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The Dark History of Medicare Privatization

Barbara Caress The American Prospect
Medicare Advantage was supposed to be a money-saver. It’s now become a costly, unaccountable cash cow for private insurance companies that is swallowing traditional Medicare.

Medicare Advantage Is a For-Profit Scam. Time to End It

Thom Hartmann Common Dreams
The simple solution to the Medicare Advantage problem is to kill off the program. It was just a Trojan horse to privatize Medicare, and its presence will make Medicare for All even harder to implement.

Health Insurers Are Spending Millions to Defeat California’s Proposition 45

Bill Boyarsky truthdig
It’s no surprise that WellPoint and its affiliated Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies are the biggest contributors in a $37.5 million campaign to stop Proposition 45, which would require the insurers to get state approval to raise rates. The measure would require approval by the elected state insurance commissioner for changes in health insurance rates or anything else that’s part of a policy.

Docs, Drug Companies, Insurers Drive Up Medicare Costs

Wendell Potter Center for Public Integrity
The Hospital Trust Fund accounts for only about half of total Medicare spending. Most of the rest goes to cover physician fees, prescription drugs and to provide incentives for health insurance companies to participate in the Medicare Advantage program and administer the Medicare drug program. The Affordable Care Act could have done much more than it does to curb spending in those areas.
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