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Only Outside Pressure Can Stop Israel’s War Crimes

Naomi Klein The Guardian
In 2005, Palestinians called on the world to boycott Israel until it complied with international law. What if we had listened? The current atrocities in Gaza dramatically strengthen the case for boycott, divestment and sanctions.

When New York City Stood With Chile

Mariana Fernández Indypendent
The Friends of Chile, An Evening With Salvador Allende Benefit Concert, on May 11, 1974, was one of the first to openly confront the intervention of the U.S. government in the military coup that had overthrown Salvador Allende a year earlier.

Idiots, No Longer Useful

Boris Kagarlitsky Russian Dissent
Arrests of 'Angry Patriots' like war blogger Igor Strelkov in Russia have begun. No matter how wrong the Angry Patriots may be, they are punished not for their sins, not even for their principles, but for the fact that they have principles at all.

Tidbits – Jan. 12, 2023 – Reader Comments: Today’s McCarthyism in the House; Why Nurses Strike; New York’s Dems and Progressives; How Finland Is Teaching a Generation To Spot Misinformation; Rosa Luxemburg on Revolution; Ukraine Solidarity Network; Cartoo

Reader Comments: Today's McCarthyism in the House; Why Nurses Strike; New York's Dems and Progressives; How Finland Is Teaching a Generation to Spot Misinformation; Rosa Luxemburg On Revolution; Ukraine Solidarity Network; Cartoons; more...

Palestine: The Unexpected Star of the 2022 World Cup

Dave Zirin and Jules Boykoff The Nation
From player demonstrations to unfurled flags, Palestinian struggle has been visible and fearless at the World Cup. This World Cup featured memorable performances on the pitch—and powerful statements of solidarity with the Palestinian cause off it.
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