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Media Bits and Bytes - October 8, 2019

FCC Beats Back Net Neutrality; Making Journalists Beg; The State of Cable News in Trump's Crisis; iPhone Exploits; Egypt's Rising Movement Finds a Cartoon Rallying Point

Workers Who Make Your iPhone Possible Are Fighting Labor Abuse in the Philippines With Selfies and Hashtags

Karlo Mikhail Mongaya Global Voices
NXP Semiconductors is one of the world’s top 20 electronics manufacturers and supplies microchips and other parts for high-tech companies like Apple and Asus. In the Philippines, it employs over 1,600 regular workers and 1,700 contract employees. Workers organized collective actions on April 9, 17, 19, and May 1 – which are all government-declared holidays – but the management described these activities as ‘illegal strikes’ and dismissed 24 union leaders on May 5, 2014.
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