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Boehner’s Nightmare

Terrance Heath Campaign for America's Future
Boehner announced his resignation from Congress. He’d give himself another month, postpone a government shutdown until he was long gone and couldn’t be blamed for it. He had a ready successor lined-up in the form of Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). Then it all fell apart.

Bibi's Fear - And What Really Matters

Leon Wofsy Leon's OpEd
Why is Netanyahu hysterical? Why is he rallying the GOP and a majority of Congressional Democrats against Obama's "bad deal"? What makes him desperate is the threat that serious diplomacy poses to the policies and ambitions of Israel's extremist right wing government. The Iran negotiations reveal a fissure between strategic interests of the United States and those of Israel's occupiers and expansionists.

Tidbits - January 29, 2015 - Boehner, Bibi, Israel, Iran; SYRIZA & Podemos Inspire Us; Civil Rights Lessons-Selma & King; and more...

Reader Comments - Boehner, Netanyahu, Israel and Iran; Labor in the 21st Century; Public School Poverty; Billie Holiday; Pete Seeger; The New Europe - SYRIZA and Podemos; 'American Sniper'; Social Security; Agent Orange; Ukraine; Martin Luther - Militant Radical for Our Times; more... Resource: Energy Democracy in Greece; Announcements (New York)- Sri Lanka Killing Fields documentary; Anniversary of Malcolm X Assassination

Steve Scalise's Problem Is the Republican Party's Problem

John Nichols Blog
The Republican rising star struggled for two days to get clarity with regard to his appearance at a "white pride" - Ku Klux Klan event in 2002. Initially, his office tried to keep things vague, suggesting it was "likely" Scalise attended. He was a veteran state legislator then, elected from the same precincts where David Duke once ran strong. When it became clear he was not just present but a presenter, Scalise started spinning scenarios that might explain it all away.

For Many Politicians, Ferguson Isn't Happening

George Zornick Blog
Here are some people who have been silent on the situation in Ferguson - GOP Presidential contenders Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Chris Christie. Also quiet is Hillary Clinton. Senator Mitch McConnell was alone among House and Senate leaders in not sending out a statement on Ferguson last week.

House Inaction Escalates Community’s Demands for Immigration Reform

Amanda Peterson Beadle Immigration Impact
Blocks from the U.S. Capitol, five religious and labor leaders launched the “Fast for Families” on Tuesday, committing to fast from food and drink until Congress passes immigration reform. Along with the long-term fasters, people are joining as “solidarity fasters,” fasting for a shorter period of time both in D.C. and across the country. Officials and members of Congress have gone to the tent to hear from the fasters about their mission.
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