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The Promise That Could Seal Assange’s Fate

Tim Dawson Morning Star
There have been assurances that Assange does not face the death penalty, but no clear answer as to whether the US first amendment will apply to him; regardless, he should be released and returned to Australia.

Julian Assange’s Last Chance To Avoid Extradition

Kevin Gosztola The Progressive
Prosecuting Assange gives a green light to countries around the world that it is possible to protect their government secrets by charging international reporters or editors with crimes.

On War, Assange, Refugees and Climate, Lula Is Outraged

Paolo Vittoria Il Manifesto Global
We must build a utopia that can defeat the utopia of the right, which says the state is worth nothing, the state must be weak and private initiative solves everything. We have to make sure that the movement of people is as free as economic movement.


Film Review: ‘Ithaka’ Makes a Personal Appeal to Free Assange

Ed Rampell The Progressive
'Ithaka' the documentary produced by the WikiLeaks founder’s half brother offers a close-up look at one of the world’s most famous political prisoners. 'Ithaka' stresses that if Assange is extradited to America, supporters fear he’d face extremely harsh conditions. He would also become the first journalist ever convicted under the draconian Espionage Act, a blow against journalism, transparency, and democracy.

Friday Nite Videos | December 16, 2022

Trump Humiliates Himself so Badly, Even Republicans Abandon Him. To the End | Documentary. Building Resilient Organizations. I'm The Guy Behind The Viral "Insulin Is Free" Tweet. Indict Us Too: Daniel Ellsberg on US Charges vs. Julian Assange.
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