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Imagine a Renters’ Utopia. It Might Look Like Vienna.

Francesca Mari; Photographs by Luca Locatelli New York Times
Soaring real estate markets have created a worldwide housing crisis. What can we learn from a city that has largely avoided it? The difference is Vienna prioritizes subsidizing construction, while the U.S. prioritizes subsidizing people with vouchers


At-Will Employment Is the Real “Cancel Culture”

Becca Rothfeld Jacobin
A person sitting alone at a desk in the dark. The “cancel culture” debate never focuses on at-will employment, which allows most American workers to be “canceled” at the drop of a hat — even those teaching in higher education.


Without Tenure...

Peter Greene Curmudgucation Blog
Civilians need to understand-- the biggest problem with the destruction of tenure is not that a handful of teachers will lose their jobs, but that entire buildings full of teachers will lose the freedom to do their jobs well.


Book Review: "Just Cause, A Union Guide"

Rand Wilson Portside
Just Cause: A Union Guide to Winning Disciplinary Cases is no exception. Based on more than four years of research into 15,000 arbitration awards and the author’s long experience representing unions, the book presents a new method to analyze and present disciplinary cases.


Is It Time For Just Cause?

Rand Wilson and Steve Early Logos Journal
Just cause” protection is helpful because one of the main reasons private sector workers shy away from organizing is their fear of being fired.
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