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Why There’s More Labor Media Coverage

Lane Windham Working-Class Perspectives
The new upsurge in labor media coverage is anchored in fresh awareness about class and its role in America today, a growing understanding that is stripped of the anti-Communism that shaped ideas about class for much of the twentieth century.


Why the Media Loves Labor Now

Ben Smith The New York Times
Mr. August and Mr. Steier said the Chief would publish a new stream of national labor coverage early next year, and Mr. August said he hoped to eventually double the paper’s staff, which now stands at three reporters.


Portside Labor Awarded Labor Communicator of the Year

Carl Ginsburg; Kurt Stand; Jay Schaffner Portside
Metro New York Labor Communications Council held its annual convention on May 10 at IBT Local 237. The Communicators of the Year award was presented to the Portside Labor collective. Portside Labor has been a vital resource for the labor community.
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