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Tidbits - September 4, 2014

Reader Comments - Fast Food Workers; Ralph Fasanella; US-Africa Leaders Summit; School's Back and Growing Inequality; Twin Plagues of ISIS and Ebola; Diablo Canyon Nuke Plant; Brazil's Elections; Argentina; Victory for Market Basket Workers and Consumers; Fed-Ex Workers Can Organize; New Culture on the Left; Call for papers on Harry Braverman's Labor and Monopoly Capital; Today in History - Paul Robeson Returns to Peekskill; Jewish Woman Among the Interned Japanese

Victory Declared as Market Basket Standoff Ends

Deirdre Fulton Common Dreams
Market Basket employees — who are not unionized — ran a grassroots campaign that included walk-outs, rallies, and online actions. The New York Times describes the saga as "one of the strangest labor actions in American business history," and the Boston Globe notes that these activities "stunned longtime observers of the grocery industry and captured the imagination and attention of a region."


When a Strike is a Strike: The Saga of Market Basket in New England

Peter Olney Stansbury Forum
Market Basket workers don’t have a union. But they achieved in three weeks what few unions have accomplished in recent years: They stood up to their multibillion-dollar employer, won local and national sympathy for their struggle, and stayed united. Boston Globe 8/12/14

Tidbits - August 14, 2014

Reader Comments - Victory for Americans: Walgreens Won't "Invert"; Rosetta Comet Rendezvous; Reflections on My Seven Months in Israel; Incipient Inflation Freak-Out Could Wreck Economy; Jews Who Protest Israeli Policy; Academic Freedom Under Attack - The Firing of Steven Salaita; Anti-Semitism; Virgin America Flight Attendants Vote To Join Union; Healthcare - the NHS; Market Basket Srtike - Why Its So Important; On This Day in History - FDR Signs Social Security Act

Market Basket Revolt A Sign of Fed-Up Times

Bill Nemitz Portland Press Herald
Make no mistake about it. What’s happening at Market Basket’s 71 stores throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine the past several days is nothing short of remarkable.Employees, from seasoned managers down to the greenest baggers, have all but crippled the company as they demand that its board of directors first and foremost reinstate Arthur T. Demoulas.
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