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My Role With the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee

James Zogby Common Dreams
By silencing the Arab-American community and marginalizing us because we might dare to advocate for Palestinians, there is the damage that this hysteria does to our national discourse. At issue, it appears, is not what we are saying, but that we are the ones saying it. We are accused of “singling Israel out”, while in reality it is our critics who are singling out this issue as the only one we cannot discuss.

The Afterlives of the Algerian Revolution (Jadaliyya Roundtable)

Muriam Haleh Davis, James McDougall Jadaliyya
An overview of the Algerian Revolution, on it's fiftieth anniversary -the Algerian Revolution as something that was itself productive - of repertoires of contestation, of ideas about a "social contract," of something that could later be "confiscated" - rather than as a historical bookmark.

The War That Wasn’t

Leonard C. Goodman In These Times
Snowden and Manning taught Americans skepticism, and not a moment too soon. Knowing Congress would not vote to authorize intervention, the Obama administration turned to diplomacy as a face-saving measure, resulting in a rare example of a people rising up to stop a war before it could start.

Top Ten Ways Bradley Manning Changed the World

Juan Cole Informed Comment
Bradley Manning, acting on what he felt was true patriotism leaked documents revealing the killing of journalists in Iraq; corruption in Tunisia that led to the first of the Arab Spring revolts; the use of drones, and the secret drone war; US spying on UN diplomats; and John Kerry's pressing of Israel to return to pre-1967 borders. Yes, Bradley Manning has changed the world we live in.

Obama in Israel: A Fine Speech, an Unfortunate Change & Not Much Hope

Carl Bloice, Black Commentator Editorial Board Black Commentator
President Obama said a lot of the things that need to be said in his address to Israeli students last week. For that he is due credit. His description of the cause and aspirations of the Palestinian people was on target. The problem is that the overall effect of his latest trip to the Middle East represented a step backwards.
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