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Tidbits - June 11, 2015 - Kalief Browder, Criminality of Prisons; Fight for $15; Edward Snowden: Hero; Ronnie Gilbert; Walmart; Suicide in Young Women; Left Strategy Needed; and more...

Reader Comments: Kalief Browder and Criminality of Prisons; Fight for $15; Edward Snowden - Hero; Ronnie Gilbert; Walmart Anti-Labor Activity; Suicide in Young Women; The Audacity to Win - Left Strategy Needed; Recommended Books - By non-white authors; Announcements: 62nd Memorial of the Execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg; Brooklyn Peace Fair

An Israel Equal for All, Jewish or Not

Patricia Marks Greenfield Washington Post
Israel is out of step with much of the world. Over time, nations have become more ethnically and religiously diverse; populations have become more urban and educated; and economies have become more commercial. In response to these social and economic changes, many nations have left behind the notion of a favored state religion. It is time for Israel to do the same. It must be a fully secular state.

Tidbits - April 17, 2014

Cecily McMillan Trial Update; Reader Comments - Palestinian-Israeli Talks; Walmat, Living Wage, Minimum Wage of $15; Syria; Turkey; Pulitzer and Snowden; Paul Robeson; Russia, Ukraine, Crimea; Immune Systems; New book - What Did You Learn at Work Today? Announcements - Howard Zinn Symposium - Apr 24 - New York; 78th Celebration Abraham Lincoln Brigade & ALBA/Puffin Award for Human Rights Activism - Apr. 27 - New York; 45th Contingent of the Venceremos Brigade

The Israel Boycott Movement and Controversy - Differing Views

Omar Barghouti; Linda Gordon; Robin D.G. Kelley; Sydney Lev
Debate over Israeli policy on settlements in the occupied lands;, the on-going discrimination against Palestinians and Jews of color within Israel; negotiations with the Palestinian state; and peace with Iran are now hot items on campuses, in academic organizations and within the Jewish community. While there are disagreements on the tactics of BDS, this debate and discussion should be welcomed. Here Portside presents four different views of the BDS campaign.

From Tehran to Tokyo, U.S. Geo-Strategic Shifts in Motion

Jim Lobe IPS
Washington has an eagerness to extricate itself militarily from more than a decade of war in the Greater Middle East and “pivot” its strategic focus and resources more toward the Asia/Pacific and its highly complex relationships with China and key U.S. allies there.

Tidbits - November 21, 2013

Reader Comments: Capitalism and Unemployment; New York and Seattle elections; more. Announcements: Human Rights Film Screenings New York City -Nov 20 26; Breaking the Silence-Oakland-Nov 23: Fighting Back Against Wall Street -NYC-Nov 25; Chanukah Message from Jewish Voice for Peace; The National Labor College; New Day New York Dec 5 Day of Action; 50% Off PM Press for the Holidays; Pvt Chelsea Manning-4th birthday in prison-Dec 17; Faith Petric Memorial -Berkeley-Jan 15

Tidbits - October 31, 2013 - Halloween edition

Reader Comments- Sports, Police Killing, Tea Party, Robin Hood Tax, Doug Ireland; Announcements- Tim DeChristopher, Environmental Activism-NYC-Nov.02; Perspectives from NYC Food Service Workers-Nov.03; Mario Savio Memorial Lecture-Berkeley-Nov.12; Cuba Skate: Art on Deck-Washington, DC-Nov.16; Politics of Immigration Reform Forum-NYC-Nov.20; Memorial for Stephen Coats-Washington, DC-Nov.25; International Conference In Israel: For A Nuclear Free Zone In The Middle East

Israel on the Sidelines

Carl Bloice Foreign Policy in Focus
Potential diplomatic breakthroughs in Syria and Iran are apparently unnerving Israel's right-wing leadership.

162 Members of Congress Demand to be Called into Session, Another Assault on Arab World Risks Escalation and Backlash, U.S. Tried to Derail U.N. Probe

Robert Naiman, Seumas Milne, Gareth Porter
Momentum builds against rush to war against Syria and further escalation in the Mideast. 162 members of Congress send letter to Obama demanding that Congress be called back into session, for full debate and congressional vote before any new war is launched. Western intervention will only spread the killing, which is gravest threat to the people of Iraq. New evidence that U.S. derailed UN probe.

Roundtable on the Syrian Crisis

Campaign for Peace and Democracy
The symposium contributions were written before a large-scale poison gas attack with many casualties in the rebel-controlled Ghouta suburbs of Damascus on August 21, 2013. Likewise, they were all written before Washington's deployment of military forces to the region and its virtual announcement that military action is forthcoming. We strongly oppose military intervention by the United States and its allies.
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