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The Cold War Was Never About Democracy

Vincent Bevins, Loren Balhorn Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
After World War II, the Indonesian Communist Party threw itself into democratic politics and outreach to broad segments of society. Western intelligence agencies were worried because they knew that the PKI was not coercing people into giving them power — they were simply growing in popularity.

A Picture of Global Complicity: Aiding Myanmar’s Military Regime

Binoy Kampmark CounterPunch
Myanmar’s military junta is not short of partners. Indeed, business, notably in the arms market, continues unabated. Such conduct makes a mockery of the sanctio ns and injunctions imposed by the EU, United States and other states since the 2021 coup.

Bolivia Shows us What is Possible

Ken Livingstone Morning Star
Bolivia’s rapid social progress under a left-wing government and ability to suffer a right-wing coup then overcome it through mass mobilisation is a source of hope and optimism for the international left.
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