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Sarah Polley’s Act of Imagination

Brianna Di Monda Dissent
Women Talking is about the struggle to unearth language capable of describing profound desires for freedom and safety.

Atomic Frankenstein

R. Howard Bloch, Ellen Handler Spitz The American Prospect
‘Oppenheimer’ and the anguish of creative destruction

Actors Strike Is On, Throwing Hollywood Into Turmoil

Natalie Jarvey and Joy Press Vanity Fair
160,000 actors, members of SAG-AFTRA, are shutting down all industry filming and voice-over production at midnight tonight. They are joining the 11,000 writers, members of the Writers Guild, who have been on strike since May 2.

Every Body | Movie

Every Body is Julie Cohen's revelatory investigation of the lives of intersex people. Only in theaters June 30.

I’m a TV Writer on Food Stamps

Jeanie Bergen New York Magazine
While writers like me struggle to make ends meet, Hollywood studios get rich off the content we create.
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