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US Civil Society Speaks Out Against Hindu Supremacy

Pranay Somayajula Convergence
Hindu supremacists are joining forces with the MAGA bloc in this pivotal election year. US movement groups are recognizing that they threaten our common interests in building multiracial democracy.

Setting Our Sights on a Third Reconstruction

Max Elbaum Convergence
If our goal is a robust democracy and working-class power, the experiences of the Civil War-Reconstruction era and the Second Reconstruction of the 1950s-’60s provide crucial lessons for breaking out of our current impasse.

The Racial Volcano Explodes in Los Angeles

Bill Gallegos, Bill Fletcher Jr. The Nation
The current crisis has unleashed unleashed a firestorm of protest that could further divide the city’s communities. But it is also a chance to forge real unity in opposition to the city’s long-standing power brokers.

Trump, Texas, and the MAGA Drive for Power

Max Elbaum ORganizing Upgrade
When we demonstrate on the ground that radicals are the most reliable and effective fighters against the mortal threat of Trumpism, we maximize our chances of gaining support for our perspective and our organizations.
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