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Neanderthals Spoke, but Maybe Not Metaphorically

Steven Mithen The Conversation
Neanderthals possessed the vocal machinery for speech and were sufficiently similar to modern humans that multiple instances of successful interbreeding occurred. But their brain structure and possibly their thinking were significantly different.

Neanderthals: More Knowable Now Than Ever

Tim Vernimmen Knowable Magazine
Inviting a Neanderthal for the holidays? That's a good thing. Not only are they the closest relative of homo sapiens, but there's a bit of Neanderthal in almost all of us. New findings about them are coming thick and fast.

A New Picture of When We Mated With Other Kinds of Humans

Maddie Burakoff and Laura Ungar AP
DNA evidence shows that H. sapiens mated with groups including Neanderthals and Denisovans. It even reveals evidence of other “ghost populations” — groups who are part of our genetic code, but whose fossils we haven’t found yet.

Friday Nite Videos | July 22, 2021

"The Committee Telling Josh Hawley To Go F Himself." This Tech May Be a Geothermal Energy Breakthrough. Bernie Sanders: This Is an Existential Threat. Hallelujah: A Journey, A Song. The 60,000 Year Old Artefact Rewriting Neanderthal History.

Friday Nite Videos | September 24, 2021

The Fight Over Masks in Schools | Jordan Klepper. Peace Train Featuring Yusuf / Cat Stevens. Bernie Sanders Takes on Fossil Fuel Lobby. Dutch Neanderthal Gains a Face, With Expression. The Card Counter | Movie.

Dutch Neanderthal Gains a Face, With Expression

Watch palaeo-artists as they recontruct and interpret the layers of a Neanderthal skull to arrive at the face of ‘Krijn’, a young man with a conspicuous lump over his right eyebrow.

The Women of the Neanderthals

Rebecca Wragg Sykes Aeon
Not all Neanderthals were ‘cavemen’: half were women. What can archaeologists tell us about how they lived?
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