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The Missing News About Gaza

Alexei Sisulu Abrahams The Nation
To understand Palestine and Israel, we need more coverage of the everyday structural violence of occupation. Disinformation involves lying by commission. Decontextualization, on the other hand, is about lying by omission.

Both Trump and Clinton Curb Press Access - Plane Rides and Presidential Transparency

Jim Rutenberg, Media Mediator New York Times
Breaking with historic tradition, both Clinton and Trump do no allow reporters to travel with them. This is about something much bigger than eyewitness accounts and plane rides. It's about how much we want to know about each candidate's plans for the White House, and how open and accessible we want them to be as president. And ultimately, it's about whether we truly believe in the premise that transparency is vital for democracy.

When `Both Sides' Are Covered in Verizon Strike, Bosses' Side Is Heard More

Adam Johnson FAIR - Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
Corporate media coverage of the Verizon strike illustrates the fundamental asymmetry of power that still exists between multi-billion-dollar corporations and comparatively small unions. Due to the support of major Democrats like Bernie Sanders and (to a lesser extent) Hillary Clinton, the voices of strikers like those at Verizon are not entirely lost, but the deck is still heavily stacked in management's favor.

Media Bits & Bytes - As The World Turns edition

AP drops the "i-word"; FCC’s future; When Google lost its cool; Are alt-weeklies toast?; A ‘disruptive’ cable channel; ProPublica meets Reddit; Time’s big lie; Kochs shop for dailies; Exxon > freedom of speech; NLRB Rules In Favor of CWA Against Cablevision
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