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Obamacare Created Big Medicine

Matt Stoller The Lever
Looking at American health care is an exercise in despair, with health conglomerates engaged in killing people for profit, with endless 10-15 percent increases in annual premiums, and with judges and policymakers not even knowing where to start.

Moving Past Neoliberalism Is a Policy Project

Matt Stoller, David Dayen The American Prospect
In order to test whether improving people’s lives can convince them to support Democrats, you have to, well, improve people’s lives. Deepak Bhargava, Shahrzad Shams, and Harry Hanbury, in a piece called “The Death of ‘Deliverism,’” argued otherwise.

Donald Trump Sued by 18 States

Jon Sharman The Independent
Donald Trump sued by 18 states for ending key Obamacare payments with executive order. Move to end subsidies for lower-income customers 'breathtakingly reckless', says New York's attorney general

Obamacare Is Only 'Exploding' in Red States

Dean Baker Los Angeles Times
Because Republicans have been so successful in keeping many of their residents from getting insurance, they think the country should trust them to overhaul heath care.


Hundreds of Thousands of Workers Could Lose Their Jobs if Senate Health Bill Passes

Alexia Fernandez Campbell Vox
"It’s unclear exactly how many jobs are on the line. But public health experts at George Washington University estimate that 912,000 health care workers in the United States could lose their jobs if Congress rolls back the Medicaid expansion and removes tax credits to help people buy private insurance."
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