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How to Talk Occupation at a Rosh Hashanah Dinner and Make it Out Alive

Noam Sheizaf +972 Magazine
What were you thinking? Everyone in the family noticed that anti-war status you posted this summer, and the hasbara video they sent that you didn't `like.' Tonight they are going to air it all. The keyword of the evening: ISIS. You're going to hear it a lot. Because the Israeli leftist is a specimen: an object to identify, educate, and if that doesn't work, to chop up and make meatballs out of.


Occupied Greek Factory Begins Production Under Workers Control

Thessaloniki Solidarity Initiative et al. Infoshop News
Tuesday, February 12, 2013 is the official first day of production under workers control in the factory of Viomichaniki Metalleutiki (Vio.Me) in Thessaloniki, Greece. This means production organized without bosses and hierarchy, and instead planned with directly democratic assemblies of the workers. The workers assemblies have declared an end to unequal division of resources, and will have equal and fair remuneration, decided collectively.

Dror Moreh's 'The Gatekeepers' Sheds Light On Israel's Shin Bet

John Horn Los Angeles Times
"The importance for me is the message the film gives to the Israeli public. The message is that occupation is bad for the future of Israeli society from all aspects - humanistic, economic, moral, etc. I can assure you that all six former heads and some 95% of my colleagues and workers from the Shin Bet from over three decades all agree with the overall conclusions of the film." -- Carmi Gillon Shin Bet Director 1994 - 1996
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