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The One-State Solution

Daphna Thier, Sumaya Awad Jacobin
Israel has effectively made the establishment of a separate Palestinian state impossible. It’s clear what’s needed now: a single, democratic state with full rights for all people.

We Are All One Staters Now

Noam Sheizaf +972 Magazine
The ideological argument over the future of Israel-Palestine disguises the fact that for the past decade we have been living in a one-state reality.

It Is time For The One State Solution To Go Mainstream

Awad Abdelfattah and Jeff Halper The Electronic Intifada
A people cannot negotiate their fundamental human, national, political and civil rights. The only way out of a colonial situation is through a process of decolonization.

The Donkey of the Messiah

Uri Avnery
The people who speak now of the “one-state solution” for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are idealists. But they do a lot of harm. And not only because they remove themselves and others from the struggle for the only solution that is realistic. The two-state solution is not dead. It cannot die, because it is the only solution there is.
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