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Amilcar Cabral and the South Africans

Phethani Madzivhandila Africa is a Country
Amilcar Cabral was assasinated 50 years ago. His influence stretched far beyond the Portuguese colonies, profoundly influencing the political struggle in South Africa, past and present.

‘We Must Unite Our Continent’

Kyeretwie Opoku Peoples Dispatch
From December 8-10, members of political parties, trade unions, community-based organizations, women’s groups, other social movements across West Africa gathered in Winneba, Ghana to participate in the West African People For A New World conference.


Beyond a Biography: Seeing C.L.R. James Afresh

Paul Buhle New Frame
John L Williams’ new book on the pan-African thinker is a marvel that offers a close, meticulous description of his life and thinking, untangling his transformations and inviting reacquaintance.
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